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About our Ringwood Early Childhood Education Location

Discovery Childcare and Education centre at Ringwood has been assessed by ACECQA as Exceeding the National Quality Standard. The centre provides a fun and safe environment for children and includes every modern amenity one could hope for. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the national quality framework, working to prepare children for the future by putting your child’s learning first.

Our resources (which include toys and games) are fully researched, high quality and frequently updated. We are also constantly, identifying and acquiring the very best learning resources available, particularly those that assist kids in the effective adoption of the EYLF, especially in the areas of numeracy, literacy and logic. More than just learning maths and science, your child will establish important social skills in our kinder program that will serve them throughout their life and career.

The Centre boasts several specialist programs including carpentry and construction in addition to traditional programs such as literacy and numeracy. We also aim to provide extension programs for intellectually gifted children and assistance programs for children who would benefit from extra support. We offer a full range of extra-curricular activities including excursions, incursions and visits from health and childhood development experts.

We invite parents to visit our Centre so that they may fully appreciate the range and sophistication of our facilities, resources and unique community programs

More details about Discovery Childcare and Education - Ringwood

Ringwood Childcare Services

Service Includes

  • Disposable nappies
  • Formula in Nursery
  • Sunscreen
  • Linen
  • Hot centre prepared meals including Breakfast, Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Teas
  • Specialist programs and health services
  • Access to a nutrition and wellbeing advisor who also creates a healthy seasonal menu for the children

For more information about Discovery Childcare’s Centres, visit our Childcare Page.

Fees & Pricing

Cost per Day $153
Casual Day $159

Non-refundable administration fee $75
Re-enrolment fee $20

Accepted Payment Methods

Direct debit weekly in arrears.

Centre Operating Hours

Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 6:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions and More Information

What is Discovery Childcare and Education - Ringwood and what services do they offer?

Discovery Childcare and Education – Ringwood is a leading early learning centre that provides a nurturing and supportive educational environment for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of age. We are a long day care service with a three year-old as well as a kindergarten and a four year-old kindergarten program.

What sets Discovery Childcare and Education - Ringwood apart from other early childhood education centres?

Discovery Childcare and Education in Ringwood is committed to providing a safe, stimulating, warm and nurturing atmosphere where children can learn, grow, and develop essential life skills. Our team of qualified and experienced educators follow the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF), delivering high quality education while engaging children in fun, age-appropriate play and learning experiences.

The first five years are some of the most formative and a critical time to focus on early learning activities ranging from the development of literacy and numeracy skills in toddlers to building confidence in children that are developing primary school skills. Our preschool and early learning programs prioritise early education, physical and social development and building strong relationships with families to assist children on their learning journey.

How can I enrol my child at Discovery Childcare and Education - Ringwood?

If you’re a parent and interested in enrolling your child at our Ringwood child care centre, visit our website and complete the online enrolment form. Alternatively, you can call us at 03 9879 8055 to discuss your requirements or arrange a tour of the Ringwood child care centre.

Is Discovery Childcare and Education - Ringwood accredited by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)?

Yes, Discovery Childcare and Education – Ringwood is accredited by ACECQA. We are committed to maintaining the best standards of child care and high quality education for our children, our family and we work closely with ACECQA to ensure that we meet and exceed the national quality standards.

What safety measures are in place at Discovery Childcare and Education - Ringwood?

At Discovery Childcare and Education – located in Ringwood, the safety of our children is our top priority. We have a range of strict security measures in place, including CCTV surveillance, secure access systems, and comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for children. Our educators also undergo regular training in child care, evacuation procedures, safety and protection.

How can I keep track of my child's progress at Discovery Childcare and Education - Ringwood?

At Discovery Childcare and Education – Ringwood, we believe that strong communication between educators and families is essential to support your child’s development. We use such tools as the online learning journal program Kindyhub which allows you to access your child’s observations, learning, assessments, and achievements at any time. Additionally, our educators are always available to discuss your child’s progress and address any concerns you may have.

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