Sharonne – Nutrition and Wellbeing Advisor

Exploring Nutrition and Wellbeing: Nurturing Healthy Futures for Families

Welcome to Discovery Childcare and Education’s Nutrition and Wellbeing Blog, a dedicated space tailored to parents with young children. Sharonne, our Nutrition and Well-being Advisor has been working closely with our Discovery Chefs, to create the perfect menu.

Sharonne has vast experience and knowledge when it comes to nutrition and well-being for children. Having worked as a Chef previously, and then furthering her career as a qualified Nutritionist, Sharonne has worked in Early Learning as both Educator and Chef.  As a mother of 2 herself, she understands that parenthood is an incredible journey filled with joys, challenges, and countless questions. Our mission is to support you in raising healthy, happy, and thriving families by focusing on the vital aspects of nutrition and overall well-being.

We are excited to introduce you to Sharonne, our Nutrition and Wellness Advisor. Her arrival marks a significant milestone as we enhance the quality of care for our children, and we can’t wait to share our journey with you.


You might not be familiar with Sharonne yet, but she’s already making waves. From shaping our fresh menu with a focus on nutritional balance and delightful flavours to actively participating in our garden-to-kitchen programs, Sharonne is a driving force behind the scenes. Her support extends to our management teams and kitchen crews, ensuring that every aspect of our childcare experience is top-notch.


At Discovery Childcare, we understand the vital role early childhood nutrition plays in growth and development. With Sharonne’s expertise, we’re not only providing delicious meals but also creating positive steps towards healthier development for our little ones.


But Sharonne’s impact goes beyond the kitchen. As our Nutrition and Wellness Advisor, she is a valuable resource, offering guidance on child nutrition, contributing to wellbeing programs, and actively participating in our gardening initiatives. Her role is pivotal in nurturing the holistic development of our children.

We will be introducing a blog series written by Sharonne on a variety of topics based on her expertise

If you would like to get in contact with Sharonne about the menu, the recipes or even some tips and tricks on fussy eating, feel free to email your centre Manager to organise a meeting.

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